Walking and coaching in nature just works!

But don't take our word for it, read some of the feedback we've received from people who have participated on our Walking Coach programmes and retreats. 

“What a success, I really enjoyed the design of this special walking weekend retreat, along with the fabulous facilitation by Sandra & Co - with great sensitivity and depth.... Thanks for a time that exceeded my expectations - it had a wonderful flow and great people, a beautiful location and tasty food! Plus, following on since - I’ve followed up with further reflections and actions so it’s been and continues to be very meaningful for me. Thank you Walking coach!"

— RF, Professional Coach, London


When I first met with Sandra for a preliminary meeting, I was instantly struck with how easy I found her to talk with. This meant that my misconceptions of a coach were immediately gone and I was happy to give it a go. I was at a particularly fragile point in my life and was looking for an independent voice to help me get back to my old self. 

Once my sessions started, I found myself progressing extremely quickly and the key objectives of my coaching being reached, and exceeded, within the first half of the coaching program. Sandra’s methods of handling me were exemplary and her experience and knowledge was integral to my self development. I now find myself enjoying life again and being excited about the future more than ever. The tough events of the past and the new ones I now encounter are no longer tough, they are experiences and I have learnt to use them to my advantage through the tools and techniques I have learnt from Sandra’s coaching. 

I could not be a more emphatic advocate for embarking on a coaching program with Sandra."

— PG, Chef and Entrepreneur, Fife

Sandra’s unique style of personal business coaching as we walk was truly inspirational. She has a gentle unassuming approach that disarmed me, challenging me to be completely honest to myself. I discovered the uniqueness of the business I own and the values the staff hold. I also found out my weaknesses and was shown various useful creative ways to think around obstacles to progression."

— DO'R, Computer Trainer and Coach, Web Marketing and SEO Expert, Herts


My experience while out with Sandra on our walking /coach session, was incredibly positive. Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised by the feeling of freedom & relaxation while still being offered guidance & valuable techniques to address certain areas of my life. All this with the added benefit of fresh air & exercise! I thoroughly recommend Sandra’s services."

— RB, Travel Counsellor, Herts

"This walking coaching retreat was just what I needed. I came home feeling relaxed, focused, confident and glowing with health. A deep shift occurred for me in how I view my career and the work future ahead of me allowing me to feel ready to bring about change and make the most of whatever is next. I also got to enjoy beautiful Scottish scenery, make friends and laugh a lot. It was a magical experience that will stay with me. Thank you so much."

— AB, Educational Technologist, London


I have used Sandra as my business coach and have also experienced the Walking Coach service on many occasions and can highly recommend both. Walking Coach sessions allow you to escape the normal day to day pressures and invest much needed time in your own development whilst also enjoying the benefits of some fresh air and exercise."

— SA, PR and Marketing Consultant, Newcastle

"The walking coaching was a wonderful experience for mind and body. My husband said I was buzzing when I got home - it was from the physical exercise in a lovely relaxing environment combined with the mind full of enthusiasm and hope for the future."

— VM, Civil Servant, Fife


Sandra is a great coaching expert who knows her subject very well. She manages to conduct a session in such a way that you feel at ease, as if you were walking and chatting with a friend; however, her questions, pointers and overall attitude remain very professional. She’ll make you see things that weren’t obvious to you and will make you think about things you, subconsciously, didn’t want to acknowledge. After my Walk & Coach session with her I feel clearer about several areas of my life and also stronger and ready to face the challenges. I can thoroughly recommend Sandra and her work."

— AP, Marketing Communications & PR Professional, Herts