A transformational, mid-summer’s weekend retreat of walking, reflection and connection with Nature - for conscious entrepreneurs and leaders, who seek clarity and renewal at a pivotal point in their lives. 

Like many professionals nowadays, you may find that a busy, pressured career prevents you from taking the personal time and space that you’d love - just to relax, breathe and be inspired, so you can look afresh at the bigger questions and challenges of your life.

More specifically, you might,

  • Sense your life is not truly ‘on track’ or bringing the joy and fulfilment you really desire;
  • Feel called to create something new and meaningful – but haven’t yet found the vision or impetus to get you started;
  • See-saw between holding on to the past, and fully stepping into a future that you truly dream of and deserve;
  • Worry you lack the necessary skills / motivation / resources etc, to go out there and fulfil your dreams;
  • Know you could be more effective, satisfied and fulfilled, if only you could get out of your own way!

It’s frustrating, mind-bending and it can eventually drag you down.

But help is at hand.

Since 2014, our Release & ReSource retreats have been creating  opportunities for people to escape from their everyday ‘norms’ into the beauty, open-ness and diversity of our beautiful Scottish landscapes in order to let go, to feel re-nourished and to receive energy and inspiration so they can create anew.

Here are just some of the takeaways from our retreats:

  • Deep understanding of the 'change' you really want to bring about
  • A personal vision for the new reality that your heart is calling out for you to create, within you and around you
  • Connection with a powerful “reason why” that is personally meaningful and extends out into the wider world
  • Recognition of the qualities and resources you already possess, that can support the fulfilment of your dream
  • A letting go of old, redundant beliefs and attitudes, freeing you to embrace the creation of a different kind of future
  • Commitment and accountability for actions that will ensure forward momentum and progress
  • New friendships, support and resources - in abundance - to sustain you as you take your next steps
  • Discovery of inner peace, connection and a grounded confidence in the unique place you hold on our planet 

It’s time out with a purpose: a unique opportunity to escape from your well-worn life routines and surrender yourself to a powerful, nature-based experience that will leave you feeling positively transformed, recharged, and ready to take new, creatively inspired and meaningful action.

A truly life changing and life-affirming experience.