Walking Coach Residential Weekend

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park,

14th to 16th August, 2015

'Release and ReSource'

- a chance to walk in spectacular scenery & RECEIve nature inspired coaching -

As humans, we are born creators.

One of our most natural desires is to conceive, to invent, to craft, to transform - and to take inspired action as we pursue our goals and our dreams.

Yet, very often we stall.  We get stuck. And our energy to create dries up.

Unfortunately, trying to force matters or 'pushing through it' rarely works. 

But is doesn't have to be this way.

Much of the guidance, support and impetus we need is available to us and reflected back at us when we finally let go, get outside and turn to Nature as our guide.

For Nature is essentially about creation and co-creation.

At Walking Coach, we work - and walk - with our clients in the outdoors, to create their futures and manifest sustained change, using nature as one of our key resources.

Join Us at this summer's 'Release and ReSource' weekend, where you will:-

  • Break free from the normal day to day and re-connect with ‘you’ and your natural capacities to create
  • Be coached on a specific area of your life or work where you want to see a difference and effect change
  • Grow your resourcefulness through invigorating walks, fresh air, a natural environment, great quality sleep, amazing food and fantastic people
  • Discover and learn from our walking and nature inspired coaching methods so that you can continue and sustain your work in the weeks that follow

Ideally suited for busy professionals caught up in the manic pace of 21st century living; we bring you the perfect setting and infinite amount of inspiration to help you slow down, re-focus and re-order your life.

What to Expect


Event Details at a Glance

Venue: Lendrick Lodge, Brig O'turk, Callander, Stirlingshire, Scotland FK17 8HR (map & directions)

Arrival: Friday14 August, 2015 at 2.00 pm

Departure: Sunday 16 August, 2015 at 4.00 pm

Package: Two nights' full board accommodation at Lendrick Lodge (pictured above); daily guided walks; personal event pre-call; learning discussions and coaching

Investment: packages from £425.00 per person (click for further info)

I really enjoyed this special walking weekend retreat, along with the fabulous facilitation with great sensitivity and depth.... Thanks for a time that exceeded my expectations
I valued the opportunity to be in the outdoors, at one with nature, amongst a truly supportive group of people, in a marvelous setting and completely getting away from it all. It made me realise (or re-connect with) what’s important in life - and how amazing it is simply to be alive.

Our ‘Release and ReSource’ residential programme presents a unique opportunity to experience the walking and nature based coaching methods developed by Walking Coach, while enjoying the wonderful hospitality of Lendrick Lodge, one of the UK and Europe's most loved personal development and healing retreat venues.

The River Retreat at Lendrick Lodge in Stirlingshire will be our indoor base. The spectacular Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park will be our outdoor 'classroom.'. 

Imagine long summer days spent in a magical landscape of heather-carpeted hills and ancient Celtic tradition, then returning ‘home’ to the warm, welcoming and healing energy of Lendrick in the evening.

Whether you come alone, or with friends, you will find a happy balance of time and space for you, while surrounded by supportive guides and peers.

After just a few days with us, you'll return home feeling refreshed, re-charged and ready to take new steps, equipped with practical tools and structures to sustain you in the days and weeks that follow.

Meet Your Guides for the Weekend

Sandra Cunningham is a Professional Certified Coach, Relationship Systems Practitioner and owner of Walking Coach. Her speciality is working with forward-thinking professionals looking to create a major shift in their lives, their partnerships or their environment, and who are ready to take a journey of inner exploration and expansion to do this – while walking in the beautiful outdoors! Harnessing the power of Nature to hold and enable this transformative work, Sandra’s approach is also under-pinned by Organisational and Relationship Systems Intelligence, Co-active coaching and the Earth Wisdom teachings of EHAMA Institute. As a walker and lover of the outdoors herself, Sandra admits to feeling fully alive when she’s out in the hills, whether with friends, her dog, clients or in reflective solitude. Known for her grounded, ‘heart of the matter’ style, she brings warmth, wisdom, and laughter, plus a wealth of experience in life transitions, group/team development and personal leadership.   www.walkingcoach.co.uk

Joey Walters is a Transformative Coach, Transitions Mentor and founder of international community ‘Awakening Feminine Leaders’. Her expertise is in helping women entrepreneurs and change leaders who want to live their potential, to reconnect with their innate wisdom and re-align their lives, leadership and businesses with a more authentic sense of identity, purpose and unique contribution. A creative at heart, Joey weaves over 15 years of experience in transformative practices including Ontological and Systemic Coaching, NLP and Earth Wisdom teachings. Living immersed in acres of woodland with her young family, Joey draws daily on her natural environment for her own resourcing and inspiration, often holding space for her clients to experience the transformative power that reconnecting with nature brings. Having worked with many women from all walks of life, she brings a compassionate, insightful and highly intuitive approach that gets quickly to the heart of what is needed to create lasting change. http://awakeningfeminineleaders.com/ 


If you are someone who loves (or who would love to love!) the great outdoors, and you are curious to discover new ways to appreciate the many benefits that walking and simply being in nature can bring to your personal and professional development as well as your well-being, then YES, this is for you!

It is perhaps useful to be aware, this is not a boot-camp or a pure hiking weekend, but it is fun, stimulating and active - as well as relaxing! Participants, besides contributing openly and imaginatively to the conversation, should be reasonably fit and able to walk for around four hours over beautiful, yet rugged terrain.

An adventurous spirit, a sense of humour and prepared-ness for the vagaries of the Scottish weather - yes, even in August - will be a big plus! 



Click here for further package information and details on how to book.


We can't wait to Walk with You!