Would you like to escape from your everyday routines into the beauty, tranquility and diversity of our spectacular Scottish landscapes so that you can let go, feel re-nourished and access new energy and inspiration for your life or work?

Then join us this September, as we bring together a small group of conscious, talented business people for a "Medicine Walk" weekend retreat of reflection, nature walking, connection, embodied mindfulness and coaching support - and lots more.

Why a 'Medicine Walk' Weekend?

A Medicine Walk is a practice that has its roots in one of the oldest and nearly universal human spiritual practices: leaving one’s familiar world to wander mindfully, opening to new insights and gifts through direct and immediate contact with the wildness of the world, and returning to share this gift for the benefit of one’s people and one’s place.

(NOTE: 'Medicine', here, refers to your unique expression of presence, power, and human potential, what you need in order to be whole, and what you have to offer others. Your medicine is both a gift from outside and a quality of your inner nature. Medicine is guidance toward wholeness.) 

While the term 'Medicine Walk' derives from North American native culture, it is very similar to many other forms of traditional, wilderness-based rites of passage. Australian aborigines go on walkabout, Thai monks conduct prayer walks through the jungle, Native Americans fast on vision quests, and the ancient Celts walked the hills, staff in hand. Around the world, pilgrimage is a profound practice.  All have found guidance, healing, inspiration, and connection with spirit on their walks.

Experiencing a Medicine Walk is powerful. And learning how to practise it in your everyday life can be a very precious and extremely useful skill.

This is because, when it comes to tackling the important, change-making questions of our lives, most of us tend to rely heavily on our analytical, rational, and logical capacities in order to help figure things out.  The problem with this is, instead of calling forth something truly breathtakingly new, radical or transformative, the ego, by its nature, will tend to create more of what it deems to be reasonably safe and familiar.

So, it is easy to miss the most potent insights and possibilities available to us because the Mystery that lies beyond the conscious mind, was never invited into the process.

As a result we can end up feeling frustrated, confused and held back from breaking through. And rather than creating something that might be truly powerful, resonant and life-changing we end up making compromises in our choices or worse, never even getting off the starting blocks. 

The Walking Coach 'Medicine Walk' weekend turns all of that on its head.

In its modern-day adaptation, a Medicine Walk is essentially a purposeful wander (not a hike!) in nature taken with the intent to arrive at new insight, wisdom, and guidance in response to an important question or inquiry. 

What’s really key about a Medicine Walk is that it is NOT about thinking your way through your challenge or problem with your rational mind, which will only go looking for answers within the bounds of what it already knows.

This is a time to surrender yourself to a whole new process of accessing insight, wisdom and guidance which just wouldn’t be possible were you to rely solely on the workings of your rational mind.

This is a time to allow your walking encounter with wild Nature to reveal fresh, new insight that can open up possibilities you might never have imagined on your own.

It is a time for you to slow down, tune in, and reconnect to your inner wisdom, allowing Nature to reflect back what your heart and soul most want and need to see.

This is powerful! Putting aside all else and immersing yourself in the great outdoors is something that you must allow yourself the opportunity to do. Being able to tease out the significance of your thoughts with such an amazing coach stays with you for a long time.

Is This for You?

Like many professionals today in our modern, fast-paced increasingly complex world, you may find that a busy, pressured career prevents you from taking the personal time and space that you’d love - just to relax, regenerate and gather fresh inspiration, while you explore the bigger questions and challenges of your life and your work.

More specifically, you might,

  • Sense your life is not truly ‘on track’ or bringing the joy and fulfilment you really desire;
  • Feel called to create something new and meaningful in your work – but haven’t yet found the vision or impetus to get you started;
  • See-saw between holding on to what feels safe and familiar, and fully stepping into the future of your dreams;
  • Worry you lack the necessary skills / motivation / resources etc, to go out there and truly rock!
  • Know you could be more effective, satisfied and fulfilled, if only you could get out of your own way

If any of the above rings true, then our Medicine Walk weekend might just be what you need to breakthrough the stale-mate and frustration of not knowing what to do or where to turn to next.

Our Medicine Walk Weekend Programme

As we ease into the Medicine Walk weekend, you'll begin by getting acquainted (or re-acquainted in some cases!) with your fellow journey-ers, familiarising yourself with your accommodation and literally getting a feel for the lie of the land surrounding you.

Then putting a focus on your purpose for the weekend, you will then set about clarifying your intentions along with the relevant life or work issues that are currently presenting themselves, in order to arrive at a question or enquiry that you will take with you as you walk during the weekend.

While we will walk each day, this is neither a boot camp for aspiring Munro Baggers, nor is it a highly intensive training weekend. The weekend's central focus will be on you taking a Medicine Walk, which is taken solo (although you are never far from the rest of the group) and may last for several hours. It is gentle and it is powerful.

Before you set off, you will receive all the support and guidance you need for taking your Walk safely and making it as rich and meaningful as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about the outdoor or physical aspects of the weekend (or anything else for that matter), please feel free to get in touch.

After the Walk is finished, in group Council you will tell the story of your Medicine Walk experience. You’ll be guided in seeing its symbols of meaning and importance, finding the challenges to be faced, the ideas and life-myths that need to be lived or discarded. And you’ll be supported in perceiving and embracing the strengths, gifts, and truths within your life’s journey at this time.

You will then take time to 'be' with the insights and wisdom that you have received, letting their richness of meaning unfold as you reflect on the enquiry that you've held.

At various times through the weekend, you’ll work in large or small groups, and you will benefit from generous, reflective and recuperative time alone.

Our work together will be highly interactive, experiential, creative and hopefully, fun too! 

I valued the opportunity to be in the outdoors, at one with nature, amongst a truly supportive group of people, in a marvelous setting and completely getting away from it all. It made me realise (or re-connect with) what’s important in life - and how amazing it is simply to be alive.
Monica WIlde

Monica WIlde

'WIld Food Walk' with Monica WIlde

Also woven into the retreat program this year, is a special, guided Wild Food Walk, hosted by guest contributor Monica Wilde, who is a renowned research herbalist, ethnobotanist and forager, as well as owner of Napier's the Herbalists.

Monica will lead us on a fascinating journey through the local fields, forests and trails of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park,  where we will discover the special 'medicine' that the nature surrounding us - and that we typically take for granted - has to offer.

Finally, with the added opportunity to book a therapeutic massage at some point during the weekend, you will be sure to return home rested, rejuvenated, inspired and ready to take new steps in the direction you truly want to go.

Because Medicine Walk practice is so powerful, you will almost certainly discover, as do many people, that the process of meaning making and discovery will continue over the weeks (even months and years) that follow, and very often even more remarkable insights can appear as the sub-conscious does its work.

For this reason, your programme doesn't end here.

Within 2-3 weeks after the Medicine Walk weekend, you will receive a private, follow-up coaching session to help further unfold meaning and deepen the insight that you’ve been offered, as well as support you in clarifying how you will translate this into the creation of a new reality back in your normal world.

So What can You Expect to Gain from the Medicine Walk Weekend?

Experience a gentle and extremely powerful process that for many people yields astonishing, even life-changing results.

Here are just some of the takeaways you can expect:

I really enjoyed this special walking weekend retreat, along with the fabulous facilitation with great sensitivity and depth.... Thanks for a time that exceeded my expectations
  • Deep, clearer understanding of the 'change' you really want to bring about
  • A personal vision for the new reality that your heart is calling out for you to create, within you and around you
  • Inspiration and fresh insight to support the fulfilment of your dream
  • Commitment and accountability for actions that will ensure forward momentum and progress
  • New friendships, support and resources to sustain you as you take your next steps
  • Powerful new practices that you can learn and introduce into your own life when you leave

This is a chance to escape from your well-worn life routines and surrender yourself to a powerful, nature-based experience that will leave you feeling positively transformed, recharged, and ready to take new, creatively inspired and meaningful action.

Welcome to your Home away from Home!

OUr host venue, lendrick Lodge

OUr host venue, lendrick Lodge

For the third year running, our host venue will be Lendrick Lodge, one of the UK and Europe's most loved personal development and healing retreat venues.

Called by many ‘a home from home’, with its friendly staff, comfortable accommodation and beautiful surrounds, Lendrick Lodge offers many delights to its visitors. Mountains, lochs, waterfalls and breath-giving walks are all around.

Sleeping accommodation is simple and comfortable, with a good mix of single and twin rooms available to our participants.  Meals (all included) are tasty, wholesome and vegetarian.

For further information and travel directions to Lendrick Lodge, please follow this link: Getting There


Your Guides for the 2017 Medicine Walk Weekend

Sandra Cunningham is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, a Relationship Systems Practitioner and owner of Walking Coach. Her speciality is working with forward-thinking entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to create a major shift in how they lead their people in order to make a world-changing impact, and who are ready to take a journey of inner exploration and expansion to do this. Harnessing the power of Nature to hold and enable this transformative work, Sandra’s approach is also under-pinned by Organisational and Relationship Systems Intelligence, Co-active coaching and the Earth Wisdom teachings of EHAMA Institute. As a trained Medicine Walk Guide, she is also a passionate student of Ecopsychology. A qualified Hill & Moorland Leader, she is a holder of an outdoor first aid qualification.  Known for her grounded, ‘heart of the matter’ style, she brings warmth, wisdom, and laughter, plus a wealth of experience in supporting life transitions, group/team development and leadership. www.walkingcoach.co.uk


Anise Headshot Sep 16.jpg

Anise Bullimore is a coach and walking enthusiast.  A former Walking Coach retreat participant herself, Anise now runs her own walking coaching practice, and can't wait to bring her experience and contribution to assist in the running of this year's event.  She specialises in getting individuals and teams moving, connecting and reflecting through walking.  Her work takes supporting and developing people through change as its focus.  Anise trained with the Academy of Executive Coaching and draws on elements of Gestalt, Thinking Environment, Solution Focused and Ontological coaching approaches.  Her style is gently challenging, inclusive and creative.  Anise can mostly be found wandering through urban nature while coaching, talking, thinking or taking photos. www.walkcoachlearn.co.uk




Monica Wilde is a forager, research herbalist and ethnobotanist. She has a Masters degree in Herbal Medicine and is a Fellow of the Linnean Society. She lives in a self-built wooden house in Scotland. Monica teaches foraging courses, wild cookery, plant medicine and nature immersion all over the country. Nature has been her addiction since early childhood! She has been teaching foraging formally since 2005 and was a founding member of the Association of Foragers. Monica also works at Napiers the Herbalistswww.monicawilde.com





Package Details & Booking

What's Included in the Weekend?

  • Full board accommodation at Lendrick Lodge, 15-18 September 2017, (3 nights)
  • All meals*, from Friday's evening meal to Monday lunch
  • Daily Body & Mind Awakening practice
  • Imaginative, experiential and low-pressure learning sessions
  • Group and peer-to-peer coaching around your chosen field of enquiry
  • Guided walking in and around the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park
  • Wild Food Foraging Walk with Monica Wilde
  • An event pre-call with fellow retreat participants on 7th September, to get acquainted and help you prepare (a recording will be available afterwards)
  • One follow-up, 1-hour, private coaching session by phone/Skype (normally worth at least £200) to deepen and embed the significance of your experience, as well as support forward action

*Lendrick Lodge serves delicious, wholesome and tasty vegetarian meals. Should you have more specific needs please let us know at time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Your Investment

We are delighted to offer three, all-inclusive Investment options:


Package A:  Single Room, shared bathroom / sole occupancy  - £725.00 plus VAT  (£870.00 incl VAT)

Package B:  Single Room, en-suite / sole occupancy - £750.00 plus VAT  (£900.00 incl VAT)

Package C:  Twin Room, en-suite / shared occupancy - £725.00 plus VAT  (£870.00 incl VAT)



  1. Booking Deposit: £150.00 +vat (£180.00 incl VAT) , requested at time of booking (non-refundable, non-transferable).
  2. Full payment due: 21st August 2017.
  3. VAT is applicable on all fees, and is charged at 20%.
  4. Requested rooming arrangements will be made available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  5. Travel is not included in the quoted package price. However we are happy to help facilitate shared travel arrangements between participants, such as car hire from airports or railway hubs. Please ask at time of booking.

Questions? Please email us. Or call Sandra Cunningham on +44 (0)7980 747682

Next Step - How to Book

The first step is to send us your Booking Enquiry through which you can either book your place(s) now, or enquire for further information.  Simply click on the button below.

When you have completed this process, we will then respond to you directly by email with any information you have requested together with our 2017 Retreat Registration Pack.

 Or, if you'd rather interact with a real human being to enquire further or make your booking simply email us direct.

We'll get back to you asap.

Thank you so much for joining us!

We look forward to walking with you!!




What past Medicine Walkers have said .......

I especially loved the anticipation of time spent on myself with a sense of freedom and possibility, and also the great frameworks and structure of the Medicine Walk programme. And I loved the post walk call we had. I appreciate the sense of care you gave Sandra.
This was a deep, rich and meaningful experience which I know ( and yet don’t fully understand, I feel happy about that btw) is the start of “important stuff” in my life. I was open and yet still surprised with what surfaced. Be patient and kind with yourself, allow time.....make more time that what you think and double it! Enjoy the investment in you....trust it will all unfold as Sandra holds a precious space and process for you with insight and care.
The work we did prior to the Medicine Walk clarified my focus and put me in a frame of mind that meant I opened up quickly and easily to the experience and the richness it had to offer. At one point, deep in my knowing, I knew it was time to turn around and return home, and as I did, I suddenly saw my path completely differently – brighter, positive and more interesting than I’d previously thought. It was a really pivotal, break-through moment for me, and as a result of that Walk, I now feel far more confident and at ease both in myself and with the challenges I’ve been facing.

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