Unforgettable, uplifting and transformational walking and coaching getaways for groups of 6 to 12 people, in spectacular landscapes throughout UK and mainland Europe.

Ideal if you are an experienced professional, with a yearning to look outside the confines of your present world, to explore wide and dig deep - inspired and supported by others with a similar outlook and desire.

If you are also someone who loves (or who would love to love!) the great outdoors, then you will discover new ways to appreciate the many benefits that walking and moving around in nature can bring.

"I am certain the Mindful Walking weekend is something I shall never forget and always treasure. I have been left with a glowing positivity and a heap of insights about myself that I really didn't expect."

We offer both Organised (where the experience is booked on behalf of one group by one person) and Open retreats (part of our planned programme, where you come along by yourself or with a friend (s)).

Just a flavour of what you can expect:

  • an experiential journey of self-discovery, providing a unique opportunity to unlock the answers to some of your life's bigger questions

  • learning how to access a level of awareness, inner calmness and creativity that just isn't possible within the usual confines of an office or living room

  • imaginatively designed sessions that guide, inspire and stimulate your thinking as you journey through the retreat programme

  • thought-provoking discussions with fellow participants, balanced with personal time for reflection and getting re-acquainted with the natural you

  • discovering how the physical act of walking and connecting consciously with Nature can make this process even more powerful and real

  • a mix of longer and shorter walks/hikes, spending at least 3 hours each day of your retreat in the outdoors (where weather conditions allow)

  • expert coaches and guides who provide a powerful, safe, humorous and respectful learning environment

  • high quality, away from it all accommodations, usually reserved for our exclusive use in order to allow you to feel 'at home' and to preserve the intimacy of this unique group experience

"I valued the opportunity to be in the outdoors, at one with nature, amongst a truly supportive group of people, in a marvellous setting and completely getting away from it all. It made me realise (or re-connect with) what's important in life - and how amazing it is simply to be alive."

Organised Group Retreats

Thinking about getting away with your company team or a bunch of friends? Looking for a high quality retreat experience that will leave each one of you energised, nurtured and re-connected with what's important in your lives - and each other?  

We create bespoke walking and coaching experiences that allow you to work on your personal development amongst supportive colleagues and friends, whilst relaxing and walking in the most beautiful natural environments. 

Packed with all the goodies of an activity based vacation, this is very clearly a lot more than just a holiday.

Throughout the design and delivery of your event, we work with you closely towards the achievement of agreed outcomes, ensuring every aspect of the programme aligns with your needs and keeps participants highly engaged and motivated.  

We also include follow-on coaching for each participant on an individual or group basis.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

"Sandra, YOU deliver what you say you will - and more! There was a good balance of coaches and everything flowed. I would absolutely recommend a Walking Coach experience to others."

Open Retreats

Following on from the amazing success of our first retreat in June 2014, we have since gone on to offer an annual group walking-coaching retreat every summer.

Walking Coach retreats are especially suited to busy, time-starved professional people who want to get away and take time for themselves to re-balance, take stock and look outside the confines of their present world, to explore wide and dig deep.

Each event is centred around a specific theme or topic that is particularly popular with many of our clients. Because of this, our participants turn out to be very similar and like-minded and so the group bonds well. Whether you come alone, or bring a friend, you will find a happy balance of time and space for you whilst knowing you are surrounded by supportive friends and peers.

If you are also someone who loves (or who would love to love!) the great outdoors, then you will discover new ways to appreciate the many benefits that walking and moving around in nature can bring.

After just a few days with us, all of our clients return home feeling refreshed, re-charged and ready to take new steps, equipped with practical tools and structures to sustain them in the days and weeks that follow.

We also offer additional follow-on individual and group coaching at special rates for retreat participants. 

Please contact us if you'd like to be kept informed about our upcoming retreats.

"Throughout the time we spent together, I felt among friends, with those who wouldn't judge me, because they are eager to face their own demons/adversities. So, facing mine was refreshing and uplifting - rather than depressing and upsetting."