Walking and Coaching in the Lomond Hills of Fife

Please join us as we walk, explore, unwind and connect in this 12-week, walking- and nature-inspired group programme, guided by expert coaches and walk leaders.


This is a fortnightly, after-work escape to the hills in the company of a small group of like-minded others, where you can breathe, de-stress and refocus your thoughts. You will participate in six 2-hour walks, stretched over a 12-week period where you will be taken on a personal journey of reflection and discovery. This is a carefully structured process designed to help you see yourself and your challenges in completely new ways, opening up fresh possibilities for change, and supporting you as you forge new pathways.

Meanwhile, you will enjoy a regular chance to walk, relax, sit and learn from your surroundings, as we experience numerous locations of special interest within the beautiful Lomond Hills Regional Park. 

Here is a flavour of this summer's journey map:

Walk 1  - Discovery. Setting group foundations, clarifying focus.

Walk 2 - Destination. Envisioning and connecting with your ideal, future outcome or goal.

Walk 3 -Trips, Slips and Falls. Working with negative self-talk and limiting belief patterns.

Walk 4 - New Pathways. Creating a new, more empowering narrative that will help you succeed. 

Walk 5 - Re-packing Your Sack. What will sustain you? What will you let go?

Walk 6 - Returning Home. Deepening new awareness, recognising the shift, preparing for what's coming.

In addition, there is a private Facebook group where we can stay connected, support each other and hold accountability for the changes we are making. It is also a place to share group announcements.

The walking coaching was a wonderful experience for mind and body ..... physical exercise in a lovely relaxing environment with the mind full of enthusiasm and hope for the future.


You are a busy person with precious little time to stop, think and refocus your thoughts. You love the outdoors, and welcome the chance to find clarity, balance and inspired renewal around a particular area of your life. Eg, your business, a career re-think, a work or personal relationship, a particular creative challenge, etc. 

You love walking, and while you don't need to be mega-fit, you should feel capable of walking over rugged and hilly terrain for around two hours.


You're looking to carve out time for 'me' where you get the chance to remove yourself from the everyday pressures and noise, to think creatively and explore new perspectives.

You're curious and want to experience the holistic benefits of consciously walking in nature, as well as pick up some useful tools along the way.

You appreciate the advantages of a group process where you can share ideas and support each other in a confidential, non-judgemental, facilitated space.

I loved this programme. Each session was a challenge to my way of thinking and expectations ..... I have grown and developed and adapted my working practices in a positive way.



The Lomonds Regional Park will be our 'outdoor classroom' for the 12-weeks. As Fife's most prominent landmarks, the Lomonds are centred around 25 square miles of moorland, lochs and farmland and is host to numerous activities including conservation, archaeological exploration and recreation. To bring plenty variety, each of our walks will be accessed from a different point around the perimeter of the Park, where car parking is also available. Details of where to meet will be advised.


Our first walk meets on Thursday 2nd June, 2016 at 6.30 pm and will last for approximately two hours. Subsequent walks will follow on at fortnightly intervals, starting at the same time. Occasionally, we may suggest a longer walk in order to take full advantage of the outdoor experience, however this will be decided in consultation with the group.

My husband said I was buzzing when I got home...... !

Meet the Coaches

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Sandra Cunningham is an experienced leadership and relationship systems coach who discovered first hand, the powerful effect that walking and consciously connecting with nature can have on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Since then, it has become a core part of her client work and her life, bringing emotional healing, creative inspiration, inner calm, balance, spiritual awareness and general good health and resilience. Sandra's work is under-pinned by years of training in Organisational and Relationship Systems Intelligence, Co-active coaching and the Earth Wisdom teachings of EHAMA Institute. As well as holding a PCC accreditation from the International Coach Federation, she is a passionate student of Ecopsychology and a qualified Hill & Moorland Leader.  

Roxanne Kerr is an experienced walker with years of experience leading groups of all abilities into the hills. She didn't always have the same enthusiasm for walking however and it was only when she decided to climb Kilimanjaro for charity that she really became aware of the massive benefits, both physical and mental, that the outdoors could offer. As well as having a Hill and Moorland Leader qualification, Roxanne has a degree in Psychology and is currently training to become a qualified psychotherapist.  She has always had a passion for helping people and strongly believes that combining nature and walking with a focus on mental health can often be the catalyst we need to help us make sense of ourselves and the world around us.

How to Register

If you would like to take part in the Walking Coach - Fife Group programme, please download a Registration Form and return it to us by email.  Once we have accepted you into the group and confirmed your place, you will receive an Information Pack and an invoice to cover the fee for your participation.

Your investment in this 12-week, personal development programme is £240.00 (inc VAT)*

* Payment due in advance. Phased plans available. Please ask us.

Download a Registration Form here >>>

Useful to Know

Our commitment to you is to create a fun, safe and inspiring learning experience, where you are free to be yourself and to explore all possibilities for creating fulfilling and meaningful change. We hold you as the expert in your own life and so we don't try to change you or tell you what to do. it is our job is to support you to access your own gifts and wisdom as you take new steps. As a professional coaching business, we are bound to uphold the regulations of the International Coach Federation. 

Your commitment to yourself and to other group members is also important. For many people coaching can be transformational and life changing. As such, it deserves careful consideration and ought not to be taken lightly. We strongly advise that if you are ambivalent or cynical about creating change in your life, then this is probably not for you.

Finally, if this is your first experience of coaching and in particular, walking coaching, we understand that making this commitment to yourself can feel somewhat risky and unknown. So if, after the first walking session, you discover that this form of coaching is not for you, and you are satisfied that you have given it your best shot, then the balance of your investment will be refunded pro rata. No questions asked.

Finally .....

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this opportunity, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Email Sandra or call her on 07980 747682

We look forward to walking with you!