We believe that walking in the outdoors and consciously connecting with nature, awakens potential in a most powerful way.


As humans, we are born creators.

One of our most natural desires is to conceive, to invent, to craft, to transform - and to take inspired action as we pursue our goals and our dreams.

Yet, very often we stall.  We get stuck. And our energy to create dries up.

Unfortunately, trying to force matters or 'pushing through it' rarely works. 

But is doesn't have to be this way.

Much of the guidance, support and impetus we need is available to us and reflected back at us when we finally let go, get outside and turn to Nature as our guide.

For Nature is essentially about creation and co-creation.

At Walking Coach, we work - and walk - with our clients in the outdoors, learning with, though and from nature, in order to create new futures and make a world-changing difference.


Customised Walking & Coaching for Individuals

Feeling stuck in your career or business life?  Try a focused, one- or half-day walking retreat, either stand-alone or as part of a longer, personalised programme.

Can be mixed with indoor or virtual methods. Various programme configurations available to meet individual needs or preferences.

Bespoke Events & Retreats for Groups

Unforgettable, uplifting and transformational walking and coaching journeys for groups of 6 to 12 people, in spectacular landscapes

We offer both Organised (where the experience is booked on behalf of one group by one person) and Open retreats (part of our planned programme, where you come along by yourself or with a friend (s)).

My experience while out on our walking coaching session, was incredibly positive. Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised by the feeling of freedom & relaxation while still being offered guidance & valuable techniques to address certain areas of my life. All this with the added benefit of fresh air & exercise!