Sandra Cunningham - coach, marketing pro, dog owner, walker, lover of the outdoors, enthuser of all things 'people' and owner of Walking Coach.

Sandra Cunningham - coach, marketing pro, dog owner, walker, lover of the outdoors, enthuser of all things 'people' and owner of Walking Coach.

Sandra Cunningham, PCC, CPCC

Sandra is an experienced leadership and relationship systems coach - and the owner of Walking Coach. 

Her greatest coaching passion is in working with smart, aware, professional men and women, who want to bring about radical Change, both in themselves and in the world around them.

They are drawn to coaching by a growing sense of inside-outside misalignment.  Very often, something feels 'off.'  Perhaps they feels blocked, unclear or simply out of sync and unsure about how to respond best in the changing worlds that they inhabit and impact.

So they are called to take a journey of deep inner exploration and expansion.

For them, a key part of this work is to re-connect with who they really are, what they stand for, and what they are here to contribute, so that transformation can emerge - in their work, in their relationships and their lives.

Sandra has coached clients throughout the world including, CEO’s, senior executives, marketing experts, ex-pat managers, entrepreneurs, public servants, hoteliers,  journalists, academics, consultants and coaches, to bring about results that transformed careers, made a real difference - and changed lives. 

If you have an overwhelming desire to create a better world around you, with the best version of ‘you’ in it, then Sandra’s style of coaching could be for you.

Journey to Here

As a university educated, classically trained marketing professional, Sandra’s earlier career took an impressive yet predictable path. Working her way through a series of large organisations, she gradually rose up the executive ranks until eventually she hit a wall. Hard.

By her 38th birthday, the truth had dawned. She wasn’t happy and she wasn’t free to be herself. She was ‘doing what was expected’. And she was holding herself back. 

So in the wake of the new millennium, this wannabe entrepreneur and adventurer, turned down a lucrative, international director role and set her ambitions on making a difference and living the dream.

What followed was a bumpy road of wonderful, painful, joyous and then financially crippling life experiences. Yet the growing passion Sandra felt for coaching and its power to change lives, combined with a desire to carve her own destiny and meet her own potential, always spurred her on. 

Fast forward to today, and she knows what it’s like to yearn for deep-seated, meaningful change - only to falter and struggle with take-off. She has felt the frustration and the utter powerless-ness of feeling lost and not knowing where you’re going.

And she’s experienced the gut-wrenching despair of knowing deep down: it's you who is holding you back. 

Yet there is one thing she has learned to be 100% true. If she can fly – so can her clients.

Walking and Coaching

Following a particularly tough period in her personal life, Sandra began to discover first hand, the powerful effect that walking and consciously connecting with nature can have on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Since then, it has become a core part of her life, bringing emotional healing, creative inspiration, inner calm, balance, spiritual awareness and general good health and resilience. 

As her coaching career progressed, Sandra began to experiment by inviting clients to take some of their sessions in the outdoors. The results they achieved by making this simple shift from sitting in a static office to stepping out in nature, were simply remarkable.  

Aside from investing in her ongoing professional development as a coach, Sandra has continued to research, experiment and develop her own techniques to support the emergent coaching-, nature- and walking-inspired philosophy behind Walking Coach.

Sandra's work is also under-pinned by years of training in Organisational and Relationship Systems Intelligence, Co-active coaching and the Earth Wisdom teachings of EHAMA Institute. She is a passionate student of Ecopsychology, is currently in training for the Hill & Moorland Leader's award and is a holder of an outdoor first aid qualification.  

Known for her grounded, ‘heart of the matter’ style, she brings warmth, wisdom, and laughter, plus a wealth of experience in supporting life transitions, group/team development and leadership.

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about what walking with coaching can do for your career, business or your own development, get in touch to arrange a chat...

..... or a walk.

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