Discover Your Path ~ Step Into a bigger vision

Your dream is our dream.    And when you dare to step forward to claim your dream, the universe rejoices.


You're a high achiever at a low ebb. You've worked hard and earned your stripes.  Yet, success on the outside is only matched by growing unease and dissatisfaction on the inside.

One thing is clear. It's time for life-affirming, soul boosting Change. Before it's too late.

Finally you're ready to, 

  • Reach out and go for what you want in life. For real this time. No kidding.
  • Set a new Direction and make your mark in a way that feels natural and congruent for you.
  • Discover WHO you are at your most engaging, effective and powerful best.
  • Free yourself from old habits and beliefs that hold you back and keep you hemmed in.
  • Walk, work and live your new Path, re-vitalised, energised and with a real sense of joy.

This is important work that warrants the most spacious and creative energy. So allow Nature to resource you with the most powerful thinking environment available to human-kind. Reconnect with YOU at your most natural, authentic and inspired best, while walking with your coach in the wonderful outdoors.



Why Walking And Coaching?

Walking is not just a fantastic form of exercise that will keep you healthy, balanced and feeling sustained. By re-connecting you with the natural environment, a Walking Coach programme is guaranteed to develop a different quality of thinking and create inner shifts that are harder to access within the confines of a conventional meeting room or office. Read more >>>


Walk With Us - Work With us

With help from nature and the great outdoors, we design tailor-made, personal and group walking-coaching experiences that inspire, uplift and get your body moving in the direction your soul has always wanted to go! All Walking Coach packages combine outdoor walking, no-holds barred coaching, and ongoing support thereafter from your own personal guide. Read more >>>