We help talented professionals take life-affirming journeys to a bigger vision

Your dream is our dream.

And when you dare to step forward to claim your dream, the universe rejoices.


You're a high achiever at a low ebb. You've worked hard and earned your stripes. But 'success' as others see it doesn't cut it any more - not for you.

One thing is clear. It's time to start walking a new, more fulfilling, inspiring and authentic path - one you'll want to look back on, and feel proud of. Before it's too late.

Finally you're ready to, 

  • Go full-out for what you want in life. For real this time. No kidding.
  • Discover WHO you are at your most engaging, effective and powerful best.
  • Know your Purpose and make your mark in a way that feels natural and congruent for you.
  • Liberate yourself from old habits and thought-patterns that hold you back and keep you hemmed in.
  • Walk, work and live your new Path, re-vitalised, energised and with a real sense of joy.

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Why Walking And Coaching?

Walking is not just a fantastic form of exercise that will keep you healthy, balanced and feeling sustained. By re-connecting you with the natural environment, a Walking Coach programme is guaranteed to develop a different quality of thinking and create inner shifts that are harder to access within the confines of a conventional meeting room or office. Read more >>>


Walk With Us - Work With us

With help from nature and the great outdoors, we design tailor-made, personal and group walking-coaching experiences that inspire, uplift and get your body moving in the direction your soul has always wanted to go! All Walking Coach packages combine outdoor walking, no-holds barred coaching, and ongoing support thereafter from your own personal guide. Read more >>>